The Office (U.S. TV show)

Homework (due Monday, April 3rd): One of the characters on this TV show is your friend. Write them a letter. 75 words.

You can talk about ANYTHING with your friend. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Michael Scott
    1. He shouldn’t say things to make his employees uncomfortable
    2. How does he like being manager of this office?
    3. Does he like all of his employees?
  2. Jim Halpert
    1. What should he do/say to Pam?
    2. Should he change jobs?
    3. Tell him you think the tricks he plays on Dwight are funny!
  3. Dwight Schrute
    1. Ask him why he does strange things
    2. Ask him about his job
    3. Ask him what he likes to do in his free time
  4. Pam Beasley
    1. Ask her what she thinks about Jim?
    2. Ask her what she really wants to do for a job
    3. What do you think about the way Michael talks to her?
  5. Ryan
    1. Ask him how he likes his new job
    2. Ask him what kinds of companies he has worked at before
    3. Tell him what kind of job you want to do


Where: Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA)

When: Modern times

Plot: A manager of a paper company office is told his office may have to close.


  1. Michael Scott, Manager – often says things that make others uncomfortable
  2. Jim Halpert, Salesman – thinks his job is boring
  3. Dwight Schrute, Salesman – not normal
  4. Pam Beasley, Receptionist – likes to draw
  5. Ryan, Temporary Staff Member – likes to make jokes with Michael

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