Letter to the Simpsons

Homework (due Monday, April 3rd): One of the characters on this cartoon show is your friend. Write them a letter. 75 words.

You can talk about ANYTHING with your friend. Here are some suggestions:

Father: Homer Simpson

  • Ask him why he doesn’t want to wear a pink shirt to work
  • Tell him what you think of his job


Mother: Marge Simpson

  • Ask her what she thinks of her husband
  • Tell her what you think of her family


Eldest Sister: Lisa Simpson

  • Ask her about her birthday
  • Tell her you think her brother is mean


Brother: Bart Simpson

  • Ask him why he is always so mean to his sister
  • Tell him what he should have done for his sister’s birthday

Show info: 

Where: Springfield, Illinois (USA)

When: Modern times

Plot: Lisa’s birthday is coming soon. Bart’s red hat is caught in the laundry with Homer’s white shirts, so Homer is forced to go to work with a pink shirt.


Father: Homer Simpson – works at a nuclear power plan to support his family.

Mother: Marge Simpson – housewife; takes care of the family.

Eldest Sister: Lisa Simpson – older sister, good at school.

Brother: Bart Simpson – younger brother, trouble maker.


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