Holiday Assignments: Easter

Due: Monday April 24th 11:35am

Write down the number of words you’ve written at the end of your assignment!

  1. Reading comprehension (2 texts; just like a Reading Test)Easter holiday Assignment 2 (with Answer key)
  1. Book/Film/TV show report (75 words)
  1. Short Story (200 words)
    1. Complete the following exercises inside Learning English Through Short Stories Portfolio – 2 (B1, C1, C2, D2, E-Plot Pyramid, H)
    2. Write your story on page 43- you can add paper, if you like (use what you’ve written in the above exercises!)
    3. Don’t worry about the word “module”
    4. Will be video-taped for your SBA presentation in May
    5. See Eric’s example below:

S4 story elective easy (Eric’s Portfolio 2 only)


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